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Natalia Vovk - classified as a female killer:

Natalia Vovk – classified as a female killer:

Russian pro-regime editor and political analyst Darga Dugina (29) He was killed on Saturday evening by a car bomb explosion In the Moscow suburb of Odintsovo.

Dugina is the daughter of prominent Russian TV profiler and theorist Alexander Dugin, who Also referred to as “Putin’s brain”. The murder shook Russia, which accuses “Ukrainian state terrorists” of being behind the assassination. Ukraine denies Ukraine’s involvement.

In the hours and days following the assassination, rumors spread about who might be behind the assassination. Former Lieutenant General Arne Bård Dalhaug believes it is highly likely that the FSB was behind this.

– Of course we can’t be 100 percent sure, but I see it very likely that the FSB is behind it, Dalhaug told Dagbladet.


The FSB itself denied the accusations that they were behind it. However, they gave a previously unknown name to the alleged perpetrator.

33-year-old Natalia Vovk was named the culprit who killed Dugina.

RIA Novosti, a Russian state-owned news agency, posted a list With what is supposed to be information about the legendary Ukrainian lady.

Avisa has also spoken to what they claim is the 33-year-old’s father. To Ria Novosti, he claimed his daughter called him two days ago to say she was in Estonia.

attacker: This video will show Alexander Dugin at the scene shortly after the accident. A family friend asserts that the father must have arrived at the scene shortly after the explosion.
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Presenting ‘evidence’

– Then she left because she underwent an operation on her head. She had some kind of tumor. They inserted some kind of disc. You know, it became…a little different. The father, according to the news agency, said he was worried.

According to the security service, Vovk arrived in Russia on July 23 with his twelve-year-old daughter. The FSB claims that Vovk rented a house in Moscow, in the same area where Dugina lived.

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The 33-year-old allegedly arrived in Russia in a Mini Cooper, and a surveillance video allegedly showing Vovk at the border crossing into Russia is now circulating on social media.

Russia believes that in the weeks leading up to the attack, the 33-year-old Ukrainian was said to have spied on Dogina in order to obtain information about Dogina’s movement patterns.

– hesitate

Arne Bård Dalhaug has little confidence that Vovk is behind him.

– It seems very unlikely that a woman would enter an area, plant a bomb, and flee with her daughter from Russia. It is pure garbage. Everyone understands this is not true, Dalhaug tells Dagbladet.

– How can you be sure of that?

– It concerns the entire operational style of the FSB. You know that when things like this happen, they often know right away who should have done it, or who they should accuse of doing.


– This is another example of how it is absolutely impossible to deal with the names or people that the FSB comes up with.

Starting shot: Morten Strand, Dagbladet’s foreign affairs commentator, believes the attack on Alexander Dugin and his family could only be the beginning. Video: Dagbladet TV. Program Leader: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Rumors about the daughter

On the same day of the attack, Saturday August 20, influential journalist and political scientist Dugina visited an imitation festival outside Moscow. The festival is a tribute to artists and poets, and she visited it with her father, Alexander Dugin.

After she left the festival, the car she was driving, a Toyota Land Cruiser, soared into the air. The car was torn to shreds in the powerful explosion that occurred at full speed on the highway,

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According to the security service, the 33-year-old Ukrainian was said to have planted a car bomb while her 12-year-old daughter was with her in what became the deadly attack on Dogina.

In a recent interview with Dagbladet, associate professor of Russian culture and literature at the University of Tromsø, Yingvar Steinholt stated that it was hard to imagine that Ukraine was behind the assassination, which many believe was intended against the father.

He noted the relationship between the influential Russian theorist Dugin and the Russian president.

The relationship between the two should not be good anymore. Steinholt said Dugin wants to bring the Soviet Union back to its peak, and rightly so, and he and many of his supporters have criticized Putin for not doing enough. daily newspaper