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National Independence Day of Poland.  Do you have to go to church on November 11th?

National Independence Day of Poland. Do you have to go to church on November 11th?

On November 11, 1918, a ceasefire was signed in Compiegne, which officially ended World War I. On that day, the Regency Council handed over military power and the supreme command of its troops to Joseph Bishutsky. Shortly afterwards he was appointed head of state, and Poland, divided by three powers, regained independence after 123 years.

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November 11. Do you have to go to church on Poland’s Independence Day?

By canon law, believers are obliged to attend mass on Sundays and public holidays. On November 11, 2021, the public holiday, National Independence Day, a public holiday is not mandatory because it is not a church holiday. Those who go to church will have to spend about 40-50 minutes in mass, which will be as usual. Sunday.

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Independence Day. Is November 11th a work holiday?

On Thursday, November 11, all offices, post offices, shopping malls, supermarkets and service and commercial outlets will be closed. To commemorate the anniversary of the Independence of the Poles, this day was missed from school and work. Nevertheless, for those working in public utilities, culture, medicine, transportation, gastronomy, etc., November 11 may be the working day.

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In accordance with Art. 151 KP, who works on Sundays and public holidays, in addition to those who work on weekends, the employer is obliged to provide another day off or double pay. Day leave must be left during the same settlement period in which the holiday occurred.

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