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National Scientists Day.  “At least 80% of people who devote themselves to science are sedentary.”

National Scientists Day. “At least 80% of people who devote themselves to science are sedentary.”

The National Union of Higher Education and other union structures in the sector will use the National Scientists' Day, which takes place on Thursday, to present a set of demands to the government included in the manifesto “Happiness is the end of precarity.”

says Romeo Federa, of the National Union of Higher Education To the Renaissance Cases of “negative discrimination” are at risk due to different “legal modalities”.“.

“The first allows consecutive contracts of six years, which arise within the framework of international competitions conducted by public institutions or private non-profit institutions, financed by public funds, but which do not provide access to a profession. This does not happen in all other professions.”

The investigator adds other cases that he considers critical. “There are people who are appointed under the rank of scientific research fellow, including people who already hold a doctorate, and although they stipulate exclusivity, what they get is a monthly maintenance allowance, which causes problems in the future because people are left without leave.” He affirms: the right to decent reform.

at least 80% of people devote themselves exclusively to themselves For your information, it is In an unstable situationsays Romeo Federa, who talks about numbers that he classifies as “worrying.”

“We could have between four thousand and five thousand people in this situation. From the point of view of those who devote themselves exclusively to science, they certainly constitute at least 80% of all researchers working in Portugal. “If we add to this all the employment relationships with doctoral training, which should already be employment contracts, then in this case we add another 2,000 to 2,500 people.”

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On this National Scientists' Day, the Secretary of State for Science, Ana Paiva, is expected to attend the “Knowledge Pathways” conference, which will be held at the Almeida Jarrett Library, in Porto, at 1:30 p.m. On that occasion, Anna Paiva is scheduled to receive the union statement containing the main demands of the sector.