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NATO expects to deploy four new battle groups

NATO expects to deploy four new battle groups

Stoltenberg expects member states to decide to deploy four new battle groups to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. This means that NATO will have eight battle groups in total.

Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine leads to death every day. Stoltenberg began Putin must end this war immediately.

Tomorrow, NATO will reiterate its support for Ukraine. According to the UN treaty, Ukraine has the right to defend itself. Tomorrow I expect allies to commit to more support. Among other things, when it comes to cyber defense, he continues.

Stoltenberg asserts that they have a responsibility to ensure that the conflict does not spread and that there is war between NATO and Russia.

At the same time, he promised to provide support to Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

NATO now has 40,000 troops in the eastern part of Europe. Before the war, there were only 4,000 soldiers in the same area.

pressure on china

According to TV 2, NATO leaders will urge China to intervene during this conflict. China has previously provided political support to Russia.

We are facing a new security situation where authoritarian authorities exercise an increasing degree of power to get what they want, says Stoltenberg.

At its crisis meeting on Thursday, NATO will also discuss China’s role in the conflict.

– Beijing supports Moscow by questioning the rights of independent countries. Stoltenberg says China has given Russia political support, among other things by spreading lies and disinformation.

He also said that NATO allies have expressed concern that China may decide to provide material support to Russia.

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“I expect leaders to ask China to live up to its responsibilities as members of the Security Council, to distance itself from the Russian war, and to support the rest of the world in calling for a peaceful end to the war,” Stolenberg said.

Warning against the use of chemical weapons

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a stern warning against the use of chemical weapons in the war in Ukraine on Wednesday.

– Stoltenberg says that any use of nuclear weapons would completely change the nature of the conflict, and would be a flagrant violation of international law with far-reaching consequences.

Stoltenberg warns Russia of the threat of chemical weapons use and nuclear war.

– This is dangerous and irresponsible. NATO must protect and defend all allies. He says we have a clear message to Russia that a nuclear war should never be fought and can never be won.

NATO membership is not on the agenda

When asked if NATO would allow Ukraine to become a member of the alliance, Stoltenberg replied that this would not be discussed on Thursday.

– What we see in Ukraine is very painful. We are witnessing a large-scale invasion of a peaceful nation. That is why NATO has increased its support for Ukraine, he says and continues:

– I expect we will discuss how to further strengthen support for Ukraine, but NATO membership is not on the agenda.