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Nava Mao is the transgender actress who stars in the series “Baby Reindeer.”

Nava Mao is the transgender actress who stars in the series “Baby Reindeer.”

HThere are those who say that part of Baby Reindeer's success is due to the performance – and beauty – of Nava Mao, the transgender actress who gives life to the character of Terry, with whom the story's hero falls in love.

The series is already one of the most watched series currently in several countries and tells part of the journey of Donnie, whose role is played by Richard Gadd. What many do not know is that the movie Baby Reindeer is actually an account of the events of persecution and sexual assault that the actor himself endured.

Terry ends up being Donnie's “safe haven” in the series, although she finds herself involved in the “web of events” that are narrated to us throughout the seven episodes.

Behind Terry stands Nava Mao, a 32-year-old transgender actress who was born in Mexico City. She is also an activist and holds a degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

He now has 144,000 followers on social media, a number that has increased with the fame he gained through the Netflix series. In addition to sharing many professional accomplishments with her followers, Nava also posts photographs of herself, some of which are quite bold, as you can see in the gallery.

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