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Navigator raises prices by 15% due to higher costs - Industry

Navigator raises prices by 15% due to higher costs – Industry

Navigator will raise prices for tissue paper – toilet paper, tissue paper, kitchen rolls, hand towels, etc. – From January 15, the company announced this Tuesday.

In a statement, Navigator justified the decision with the “unsustainable and ongoing increase in key cost factors, namely electricity, natural gas, cellulose, chemicals, packaging materials, wood pallets and logistics.”

So, he explains, he’ll apply “a Additional cost (extra value) for energy, logistics and goods Tissue paper prices (toilet paper, napkins, kitchen rolls, hand towels, etc.) The company adds that either continuity or the amount of additional value will be reviewed on a monthly basis “based on changing market conditions.”

Navigator stresses that this extraordinary measure is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of not only its business model, but also the global supply chain with its customers and suppliers.”

The decision comes after the company led by Antonio Redondo announced, on December 8, a 10% to 15% increase in the list price of uncoated writing and printing paper (UWF) as of January 3. The reasons cited at the time were the same: increased costs.

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