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Nawałka is not Kulesa's first choice.  The President is considering a foreign option - the Polish national football team - Sport Wprost

Nawałka is not Kulesa’s first choice. The President is considering a foreign option – the Polish national football team – Sport Wprost

According to some media reports, there have already been two meetings between Adam Navaska and Polish Football Association president Ceseri Kulesa. – Adam Navaska may actually be announced as the new manager of the Polish national team. After two meetings with the President of the Polish Football Association, all key elements of the agreement were agreed. There is still time to determine some small details and white smoke will appear at the federation headquarters – journalist Sebastian Stoszewski said on Twitter. However, other information comes from “Przegląd Sportowy”.

Marcel Collar Number One. Kulesza is not optimistic about Nawałka

According to “Przegląd Sportowy”, Adam Nawałka is not at the top of Cezary Kulesza’s list. A Swiss coach “should be taken seriously” Marcel Koller is the coach who holds the clubs of the German Bundesliga, the Austrian national team and FC Basel in his CV. What’s more, the “PS” reports that there were no two meetings between Gulesa and Navaska, but that even one was accidental. The next round of talks between the coach and the president of the Polish Football Association is set to take place in a few more days.

This description shows that Nawałka has not yet reached an agreement with Kulesza and has not begun to complete the training staff, which will have those who already had the opportunity to work with the coach in 2013-2018. However, according to our sources, no official announcement can be expected from the Polish Football Association by this weekend.

Multiple thread selection story

Soon after, Sebastien Stassevsky posted another message on Twitter, announcing, “Cesare Kulezza has already spoken with Adam Navaska, Marcel Koller and the third Polish coach. In any case, formal issues are a formality. Only a decision has to be made.

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