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Naya Rivera's father remembers the last call he had with his daughter

Naya Rivera’s father remembers the last call he had with his daughter

FHey July 8th last year, Naya Rivera went on a boat trip with her son Josie on Lake Peru in Southern California. The day ended in tragedy with the death of the actress.

George, Naya’s father, now remembers the last call he had with his daughter. “I could hear the wind blowing and my stomach was narrowing‘, he recalls in conversation with people.I kept telling him: Don’t get off the boat! It will disperse when you are in the water’‘, he remembers.

A few minutes later, when the FaceTime call dropped, George”He had a bad feelingUnfortunately, his instinct was correct. Later that day, Josie was found alone on the boat. Naya, 33, drowned, and his body took about five days to be found, on July 13.

Almost a year later, the actress’s father still feels “extreme pain”, although he is “slowly” beginning to resume his life. “But I don’t know if I will ever find an end to this. I miss her every day‘, vent.

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