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Pedro Martins

NBA 2K21 is free on the Epic Games Store until May 27

The Epic Games Store has begun offering a new video game to all players with an account created in the digital store. And the new offering is NBA 2K21, as you can see on The official business website.

Anyone interested in redeeming the 2k Games offer should be aware that it will be in effect until next Thursday, May 27, when it is 4 PM in mainland Portugal. After that, the price charged will be set at € 59.99.

VideoGamer Portugal had the opportunity to test the download process and they will encounter an unfriendly Wi-Fi transfer. Before they can start playing the basketball game, they will have to download 99.1GB.

NBA 2K21 was originally released to PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One in September 2020. In November, it was the turn of PlayStation 5 and Xbox series to get their releases when they hit the market. Also in November 2020, the game found its way to Apple Arcade service.

Last week, when we wrote that The Lion Song was the new weekly showIn, we mentioned that Epic Games had not confirmed the next game – at the time, NBA 2K21 was described as a “mystery game”. And that’s exactly what is happening again now. Starting May 27, there will be a show, but Epic has yet to reveal it.

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