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NBA: Stephen Curry tops again?

NBA: Stephen Curry tops again?

Stephen Curry is getting better and the Warriors are getting a little more flavor. The head of the Golden State (50 points) was still in the tie against the Atlanta Hawks (127-113) from Monday to Tuesday night. He allowed his claim to the 9th win of the season.

After 10 games, the Californians are top of the league and conceded just one defeat. The situation where many people do not bet before the season. And for good reason, the Warriors are still Clay Thompson’s orphans, two seasons after two major injuries.

However, do not be afraid of the Golden State who can trust the dual gala MVP. Facing Trey Young Hawks (28 points and 9 assists), “Chef Curry” showed the younger generation that he was not yet ready to cross the line.

At age 33, he became the oldest player in Great League history to score at least 50 points while distributing 10 assists. The man with the most total points since the start of the year added 7 rebounds to overtake superstar Atlanta. Suspended shots were sent faster than his shadow, sharp penetrations and shots in the middle of the race, the leader released a performance with small onions and there was not much to eat at the end of the Atlanta race.

Clay Thompson’s immediate return

This immense performance by many All-Stars confirms his fantastic start to the championship and allows the Warriors to continue their fifth win in a row. For now, San Francisco Bay Area ownership holds the best record in the NBA and dominates the Western Conference over Utah and Dallas.

Admittedly, the season has only just begun, and it cannot be said at the moment that the Warriors, especially Stephen Curry, can continue this fast pace all season. However, the return of “Baby Face” to the lead allows Golden State to regain color and return to the top of the table after two seasons of injury and, logically, losing its status as a top team in the league.

The best reason for optimism is the immediate arrival of the other half of “Splash Brothers”: Clay Thompson. Both allowed the franchise to receive three new titles (2015, 2017 and 2018) and could not develop into two seasons together.

It’s still too late to nominate Californians for the title, but the start of the year allows Golden State employees not to rush Clay Thompson. Above all, you need to be patient in the back and see how long it takes to regain rhythm and its all-star level.

While waiting for reinforcement, Stephen Curry in this position is almost unplayable and a favorite in the race for the MVP title. Positive factor when other big cars in the league (lockers, bucks, nets) are slow to start their season.

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