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NBC and FOX outraged by WWE's decisions قرارات

NBC and FOX outraged by WWE’s decisions قرارات

resolution antecipar oh hell in a cell match fur WWE World Championship between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio for Friday Smackdown Not everyone is satisfied and it is stated here that USA Network, the television station that broadcasts rawAnd the I got angry with WWE.

At the time, it was said that NBC Universal, the company that owns USA Network as well as Peacock, did not like WWE to take advantage of the program. Brand Blue, which is broadcast on the FOX channel, on the account of Pay per view Sunday broadcast on his . platform flow.

According to Fightful, this justifies why WWE held a Hell in a Cell match between Bianca Belair and Bailey In the Sunday event and also to have another one scheduled in Monday RawBen Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods. The decision would have gone to satisfy NBC Universal.

However, according to Dave Meltzer in wrestling Observer Radio, WWE created a lot of dissatisfaction among NBC Universal and FOX officials with these latest decisions, and it was difficult to manage and balance the expectations and satisfaction of their rival partners.

NBC Universal was unhappy with SmackDown’s expected Hell in a Cell Match and took two more in return, one on Raw, while FOX wasn’t happy with the broadcast promotion. Pay per view on the platform flow peacock through Brand blue.

Both NBC Universal and FOX have provided WWE with ideas for themed events, so it will also be curious to know which ones the company will pick and implement, with Vince McMahon providing some of them when WWE gets on the road and back. You have a live audience.

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Do you think NBC and FOX’s dissatisfaction with WWE’s recent decisions is justified?