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Nehemiah Queta already speaks as a Kings player: 'I've never been to an NBA game' - NBA

Nehemiah Queta already speaks as a Kings player: ‘I’ve never been to an NBA game’ – NBA

On Saturday, Nehemia Quetta confronted American journalists at the press conference to present bilateral reinforcements to the Sacramento Kings Project. “I am happy to be here and to be part of the Sacramento organization,” said the 22-year-old Portuguese coach, who admitted he never played in an NBA game.

When asked about the fact that he was the first ever Portuguese in the NBA, Nehemiah took over. He stressed explaining the choice of number 88 in Sacramento.


Sacramento Kings: Team Nehemiah Queta . Entered

“88 because the number 8 was my first number ever [no Barreirense] And I wanted the feeling in my first game in the NBA to be like the excitement of the first game ever. I’ve never been to an NBA game before, and that’s something I’m going to enjoy.”

Nehemiah thinks he is ready for the best basketball competition in the world. “I think I can raise my attributes, I want to take my attributes to the next level,” the player stressed, targeting the critics. “I have no control over what people may or may not believe. But I will take the field to prove them wrong every time I go.” I want to bring to Sacramento what I got at Utah, I want to be a part of rebuilding this team so we can get to the playoffs.”

“Since I put my name in the draft, I’ve always thought I could be picked. I just needed confirmation. Here they decided they needed defensive quality, and I think I’m very good at that,” he explained.

Nehemiah, since he was selected in the draft, has been living crazy hours – “48 hours were so crazy, there was so much to happen. I took the opportunity to get to know this beautiful city, who had a great time” – far from the times when he decided to head to the States United States of America.

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“I started playing basketball at the age of 10 and ended up entering Utah through the Portuguese national team. After an under-18 tournament in Estonia, I received several proposals from universities. Utah was the best choice because of the way they treated me, they went to Portugal to see me, There was already a Portuguese player in the team, Diogo Brito, which made it easier.”