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Neighbor and friend ::

Neighbor and friend ::

At the beginning of this confrontation, the number of points separating Estrella da Amadora and Casa Pia in the table (five points) was greater than the area of ​​land between the two teams’ strongholds (3.8 km). These data are no longer realistic, as the victory painted in red, green and white raised the total points to 25 and took the tri-colored team out of the danger zone.

In addition to being a neighbor, the goose was also a friend Friday night. The visitors had yet to concede a goal under Gonzalo Santos, but they provided a brace for Kikas and saw tonight's opponent put themselves just two points behind at 1-3 on the final tally.

Rain delayed the goals

The rain that Lisbon witnessed throughout the day on Friday had some impact on the course of this encounter in the 25th round of the Portuguese Betclic League. Even more so for journalists and other service professionals, who saw their conditions deteriorating due to the increasing flooding of the tribune, but also to the game itself, made extremely difficult by the wet floor.

Lots of duels in the first half @Kapta+

A very balanced game, played mainly in midfield by two teams that didn't seem to have any space to think and execute their plan. Casa Pia, who fired the first shot in the fifth minute of the match, did nothing else in the chaos of the middle third, stopping twice to pass the ball to goalkeeper Ricardo Batista.

The home fans, always vocal, did not like this second stop and were keen to show it, before also expressing, in the 32nd minute of the match, their frustration caused by Regis Ndou's squandering of the first scoring chance of the match (good transition and nano pass). There the match took on new colours, as Miguel Lopez snatched the goal from goalkeeper Nuno Moreira, and moments later, a header hit the post from Diogo Fonseca, the centre-back who made his debut with Estrella.

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redundantCas set the tone

If the first half ended with some occasions of the match that were still out of control, the second half made Estrella more stable and able to take responsibility for the ground factor and the less favorable position in the table. And in the 57th minute, 10 minutes after another dangerous move by Regis Ndou, Kikas achieved the magical joy of the Tricolor by intercepting Pablo Roberto's pass and making the score 1-0.

Kickass's appearance was crucial at @Kapta+

Casa Pia had not conceded a goal in three matches under Gonzalo Santos until Kikas eclipsed that impressive record, but it did not take long for the striker to repeat the feat. It was the 75th minute when another advanced recovery made it 2-0 and a brace, as Leo Gaba, who made the interception, showed himself to be a bit selfish and serving his team-mate.

With the team's top scorer (Clayton) heading to Brazilian football, the Geese had to adapt. There were no opportunities, until the coach sat on the bench to search for a new attack from Felipe Cardoso, Andrei Laksimychan and Yuki Suma in time to witness the combination of the latter two to end the match 2-1, which revived the match and a good pass from the goal. Former SC Braga and the Japanese international complete in time.

The final few minutes could have been tense had Estrella da Amadora not made it 3-1 in the first minute of stoppage time. It was Andre Luiz who appeared in the penalty area alone to answer Mansour's cross and send his side into a more comfortable zone in the Portuguese league table.

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