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Neighbor Quarrel: - Enough Neighbor:

Neighbor Quarrel: – Enough Neighbor:

Perhaps many of us were there. Whether it’s about noise level, plot limits, planting or other inconveniences – we love to complain to the neighbour. Every year, about 30 million people in Norway argue about whether we should believe the housing magazine We are in the villa.

And where others resolve bitter disputes before they go away, you always have those who prefer to go in the exact opposite direction.

Take, for example, two families who live a few steps away in the city of Sheffield in England.

Birds about trouble

Divided into two parts: this is what the tree looks like today.  Photo: Photo: SWNS / Scanpix
DELT I TO: This is what the tree looks like today. Photo: Photo: SWNS / Scanpix
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It is said that a five-meter-high tree located in the middle between the two facades of the two houses provided fertile ground for a long-running dispute.

The reason to meet a family now the sun, and is said to get onlookers at the door, due to a slightly unorthodox turn in the increasingly heated feud.

We’ll get back to that right away.

The father of the family in one of the houses in question, Bharat Mistry, tells the tabloid that the next-door neighbor has been complaining about the tree for some time. The resentment went to the birds that remained in the lush bush, which made noise and left many debris on the neighbor’s car.

– very sad

Everything was fine until the birds came, but they always find trees this time of year, says Mistry, who has been in charge of “pruning the tree into a beautiful ball” for many years.

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After trying to stop birds with trash bags, what happened to form the basis of this issue:

The neighbor got enough and just as easily cut down half the tree – that is, the part that stands on their property.

– We were completely put out, and we begged them several times not to. But they decided – the tree was falling, says the restless father of the family.

– It’s a very trivial and sad act. It was a beautiful tree.

popular scene

Mistry states that he has not spoken to the neighboring family since the incident. They also did not want to talk to the media.

And while it must be said that the felled tree is now the biggest loser, others have found the odd maneuver very amusing.

– People stop here outside and take pictures, and I see a lot being posted on social media.

Maybe the solution here is just to move? We do not know.