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Neither rice nor corn: these are the grains that lower blood sugar, as scientists have revealed

Neither rice nor corn: these are the grains that lower blood sugar, as scientists have revealed

Regular consumption of grains is one of the pillars of a proper diet, as they provide benefits such as energy (through carbohydrates and vitamin B1), and a wealth of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

The “top three” most commonly consumed grains are wheat, rice, and corn, but there is another that should also be incorporated more frequently into your diet: Oats have several very positive properties.

Studies indicate that oats are a great ally in regulating blood sugar, thanks to their low glycemic index or high content of soluble fiber, which delays the absorption of sugars and fats after meals.

All this makes oats particularly recommended in the fight against diabetes: to prevent it and so that those suffering from this condition can benefit from the properties of this grain. Moreover, oats are also very beneficial in regulating insulin resistance.

One popular option to benefit from these effects is to consume bran, which is essentially the shell that covers the grain: this part is richer in fiber and plant proteins. study Researchers from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found that a daily intake of 40 grams of oat bran can “reduce the parameters of insulin resistance.”

The benefits of oats do not stop there, but they are far from that, and they are also very positive for it Reducing bad cholesterol , Promoting intestinal transit, tissue regeneration or improving brain and nervous system health .

Moreover, its inclusion in the diet is often associated with weight loss. Although oatmeal is suitable for any time of the day, it is It is especially recommended for breakfast, It can be easily combined with fruits, yogurt and nuts.

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