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Nelly Furtado takes aim at fatphobia after her concert in Mexico

Nelly Furtado takes aim at fatphobia after her concert in Mexico

“Old,” “fat,” “ugly,” or “pot-bellied.” These are some of the comments on Nelly Furtado on Twitter, most of which were from women, which caused an uproar among those defending the “I’m Like a Bird” singer.

The attack on fatphobia began after the 45-year-old Portuguese-Canadian singer performed at the 2024 Tecate Emblema Festival, in Mexico, last weekend, and continues to spark controversy on social media, where not everyone thinks in the same way.

“They criticize Nelly Furtado for her fitness, but am I the only one who thinks she is beautiful? I think the 45-year-old Canadian, in addition to being a good singer, is also very attractive.”

The attacks on Nelly Furtado have sparked heated debate, with experts even coming forward to express their opinion on the case. Graphologist and body language expert, Mariver Centeno, considers all criticism directed at the artist's appearance to be unreasonable, especially since “this is exactly the type of body that appears most attractive to men.”

Sunday, May 26, Nelly Furtado will take the stage at the North Festival, in the Prado de Serralves, in Porto, where she is under greater pressure to perform on Portuguese soil. “For me, the Azores, Portugal or Vitoria (Canada) always feel like home, and going to theater in these places has a greater sense of responsibility,” he admitted to JN, in the interview published on May 22.

In her bag is the new single “Love Bites”, which she wrote with Tove Lo and SG Lewis, and which is described as “a sensual anthem channeling the energy and escapism of the dance floors and DJ sets that inspired the artist”. .

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