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Nelma Serpa Pinto “opens her heart” and talks about dating the CNN star

Nelma Serpa Pinto “opens her heart” and talks about dating the CNN star

nElma Serpa Pinto accepted Júlia Pinheiro's challenge and spoke on Tuesday, January 23, with the presenter of the SIC afternoon program.

The hub, which in recent days went viral on social media due to the interviews she gave with Pedro Nuno Santos and Andre Ventura, ended up talking, among other things, about her relationship with João Bovoa Marineheiro, a hub on a rival channel.

“In this field we met and helped each other. I think this is curiosity. If we talk about work? We talk, of course we talk. If we talk to any partner, let alone when you work in the same area. And we try to help each other,” Nelma revealed her relationship with the Portuguese CNN journalist.

Nelma Serpa Pinto was then asked about her desire to become pregnant, and she replied: “I'm going to be a mother, I want to be, but I have no idea when. I don't have that plan yet.”

“I'm 28, I have more time, one thing at a time.”Nelma concluded.

He listens here Part of this interview.

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