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Nelson Pinhao mourns the death of his brother – League 3

Nelson Pinhao mourns the death of his brother – League 3

Atletico president, Ricardo Delgado, praised the goalkeeper and dedicated the victory over the 1.o de December in League 3.

• Photography: Ricardo Delgado/Facebook

Atletico goalkeeper Nelson Pinhão mourns the death of his brother. This was announced by the club’s president, Ricardo Delgado, in a post on the social networking site Facebook, where he greatly praised the 29-year-old player, who was embraced by the team at the end of the match with a score of 1.° de Otobro (winning 2-1), from the round. 14 of League 3 – Series B.

Here’s the full post: “It will always be more than just football… Yesterday morning, when we arrived in Tapadinha, the atmosphere was tense, there was terrible news, news that no one wants to hear or likes to share. The whole group “I knew the importance of the match that We were going to play it in the early afternoon against 1.o de Outubro, but that was secondary. The important thing at that moment was comforting and supporting one of our players. Nelson Pinhão was and always will be “be one of us and received the worst news you could receive in Tapadinha. His second family suffered, the group relieved him of the pain that could comfort him in that moment. Nelson did not want to leave the team and went to the match with him” the pain of losing a brother. In the end, in a collective effort of desire, belief and determination, the entire working group and all the fans wanted to win to give Nelson some relief on the day. And we won. “I have no doubt, ‘Yesterday was for him and for me!’ In the end after the match, I hugged Nelson and thanked him. The least important thing yesterday was the result. The terrible news we heard in the morning made us realize once again that it’s just a match and it’s just football. Human life and pain are worth it.” More than 3 points. Finish what you started, and it will always be more than just football. At this moment, my thoughts are with Nelson and his family in this moment of pain. From my side personally and from Atletico’s side, whatever we can do we will be here. More than a team, More than a group, we are a family. Nelson, thank you!”

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To the afflicted family, register Offers heartfelt condolences.

Written by Gonzalo Vasconcelos