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Nelson Verissimo: "The Benfica players understood what they had to do at Alvalade" - Benfica

Nelson Verissimo: “The Benfica players understood what they had to do at Alvalade” – Benfica

Benfica coach analyzes the derby match with Sporting, which ended with the victory of the Eagles

Benfica coach, Nelson Verissimo, analyzed the events of the derby match against Sporting, which was held at the Jose Alvalade stadium, which ended with the victory of the Eagles (0-2). “We knew we were going to have a tough job, and Sporting is a good team. We came from two games with Liverpool in which we felt that the team responded well, competent and competitive. We felt that the team gave a good response. What I am happy to say at this moment is to congratulate the players. They understood what needed to be done. They have to do it here at Alvalade with a complex opponent and a strong way of playing. Now is the time to think about the next match,” he confirmed to Sport TV.


Sporting Benfica 0-2

Play with low mass

“The specific strategy is to understand what our opponent is doing, to understand the dynamics. We know that Sporting has a very strong attack from the depths. The way we think it is more appropriate to play is to lower the defensive block a little more. So as not to give space in the back of the defense line. Sporting also caused problems for us. We had situations to score. There were two teams looking for victory. That is something that deserves recognition.”

Target occasions

“We had some chances. I think above all is the fact that both teams are trying to win the match, we have one strategy and sporting another. It should be like that depending on the characteristics of the two teams. We came out the winners.”

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Second place possible?

“We shortened the distances and we have four matches. In the preview, I said the goal was to win our five matches, there are five finals. We knew that if we won here we would shorten the distances. We knew that if we won he did not win second place, it was decided. In the way When they ask questions, the cup is always half empty. I usually try to see the glass as half full.”

awarded the title of hero?

“Whoever’s up front has a very comfortable advantage, they’ve been up front for a long time and with great regularity. Mathematically that is not decided, but under normal circumstances the title will be decided.”

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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