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Nerf: Legends |  Hasbro Toy Guns will win the shooting game

Nerf: Legends | Hasbro Toy Guns will win the shooting game

Hasbro guns game, Nerf shooters will win the video game shooter. GameMill Entertainment announced on Wednesday (11) the match Nerf: Legends, a FPS Blending science fiction and less-than-crazy gameplay, it’s touted as a “whole family” alternative to enjoy.

According to an announcement by IGN USA, Nerf: Legends conflict Call of duty NS Hello And he wants to please the audience that doesn’t consume shooting games much. Address up to Playstation 4And PlayStation 5And Xbox OneAnd Xbox Series XAnd S series.And Nintendo Switch And the computer in October.

Nerf: Legends It will feature both single and multiplayer modes, with a campaign that pits players against evil bots using an arsenal of Nerf blasters. The story will take you through 19 different environments and fight boss battles.

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Along the way, the player will find upgrades to his weapons and new abilities that will add variety to the battles. Each cannon can be customized with different throwing skins with magnetic or slow forces. The character will also be customizable.

Hasbro Nerf Ultra One (Photo: Disclosure)

The game will feature 15 different Nerf blasters, inspired by Hasbro’s Elite and Ultra line of toys.

The PvP (player versus player) mode will support up to eight online fighters, in two teams of four competitors. Cross-play will be an option at launch on compatible consoles.

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Source: IGN

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