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Nerida Gallardo’s mother fights cancer: “almost not saved”

Nerida Gallardo’s mother fights cancer: “almost not saved”

We want Gallardo – Who dated Cristiano Ronaldo In 2008 – having one of the moments “more difficult” Of your life. His ex-girlfriend’s mother The Portuguese player is fighting cancer “about a year ago” She recently underwent emergency surgery after feeling unwell. The revelation was made by Nerida Gallardo in statements to the magazine new people.

He has already undergone eight chemotherapy sessions. She had already had surgery for liver cancer and then had to have surgery for colon cancer. He started having bad days before the operation and we went to the hospital urgently. Fortunately, we got there just in time. My mother’s colon was almost blocked, she was almost savedby counting

“It is really hard. I hope this hell will end soon and my mother can overcome this disease,” he added.

Speaking to the publication, the Spaniard also said so “The operation went well” and that the mother “reacts very well to the treatments.” “The doctors are following along very well. It was something unexpected, but my mother is a warrior, a fighter and a very strong woman,” Referred to.

“We believe in God and trust in Him, and we hope this ends well. My mom doesn’t deserve this.” Completed, indicating confidence in recovery.

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