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Netflix continues to cancel several series while Apple TV+ tops the list of best sci-fi movies

Netflix continues to cancel several series while Apple TV+ tops the list of best sci-fi movies

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Apple TV+ is gaining ground over other streaming platforms. In this genre, no one beats the tech giant’s platform.

Through a study I prepared Parrot AnalyticsIt was found that more than 50% of Apple TV+ content was rated good or better. What does this mean?

Apple TV+ has become one of the best streaming platforms today. A lot because of series like “Hijack,” “The Bad Sisters,” “Silo,” and “institution“,”For All Mankind”,”Ted Lasso”,”Chemistry lessons“,”Monarch: Legacy of Monsters“, among others. Moreover, the tech giant has invested heavily in film production.

Two of this year’s most notable films, Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” and Martin Scorsese’s “Moonflower Killers,” are produced by Apple Cinema Studios. Although it is still showing in theaters, it will most likely arrive on the streaming platform. Apple TV+ did its best to become one of the best streaming platforms, but the way the competition worked helped it gain more subscribers.

Netflix, probably the most popular platform, has gained a reputation for canceling its series at any moment. “1899” that it “You“They were the latest two victims of this cancellation administration.

Among the artistic genres that are likely to be canceled are fantasy and science fiction, because their production requires a larger budget. However, Apple TV+ has proven to be a safe haven for fans of both genres.

The big chain

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Its latest appearance, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” quickly reached audiences #1 among the most watched series right now on Apple TV+. The series focuses on the legendary Godzilla and other monsters created by the studios Toho.

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The series stars father-son duo, Kurt Russell and… Wyatt Russell. Matthew Simpson This shelf“Between the shows, monsters, and writing, Apple has another hit on its hands, both for fans and those who aren’t fans of the Monsterverse,” he writes..

Apple TV+
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Likewise, the field of science fiction has become a genre Favorites on Apple TV+, highlighted by “Silo,” “For All Mankind,” and “Foundation.”

In the Rotten tomatoesThese three series received great ratings – 88%, 92% and 86% respectively. The last series mentioned, “The Foundation,” despite receiving the “worst” rating among the three, has one of the best foundations in science fiction, as it was inspired by the books of Isaac Asimov, one of the pillars of science fiction.

Adam Locke, from Fixed cut ready“Foundation is a real spectacle,” he writes. There’s no denying that. The visual effects and world building are next level. “It’s a sci-fi fanatic’s dream come true.”.

Tractor | The best of science fiction on Apple TV+

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