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Netflix forced to broadcast at least 20 Russian state channels

Netflix forced to broadcast at least 20 Russian state channels

Netflix needs no introduction and remains the most popular streaming service ever. And certainly in these festive seasons, such as Christmas and New Years, it was the company of many Portuguese families.

However, according to recent information, Netflix is ​​forced to broadcast at least 20 Russian state channels in its catalog.

Netflix will have to display at least 20 Russian state channels

Netflix offers each country a specific package of content that respects pre-established regulations and licensing agreements by region. So, you may have already noticed that when you move to another country, the service catalog displays some content that is different from what we are used to in Portugal. It is even possible that a movie or series available in our country catalog may not appear in another region.

Generally, EU countries only require foreign streaming services to provide a percentage of locally produced content. However, some countries are stricter than others, one example being Russia. Vladimir Putin's country has very inflexible laws and regulations and now demands that Netflix become a live TV service with flow At least 20 Russian state television channels. Russia wants this implementation to take place from March 2022.

according to Moscow TimesRoskomnadzor, Russia's internet and television regulator, added Netflix to its designated "Registry of Audiovisual Services" on December 28. Therefore, the services on this list must broadcast at least 20 Russian state television channels in their catalog. This includes the news station NTTVMain public station Channel One and the station Spas Russian Orthodox Church.

Critics were quick to point out that this maneuver was aimed at pro-government propaganda. The changes are effective from March 2022. The regulations also force Netflix to register a new Russian subsidiary in the country. In addition, the service will also have to follow the guidelines that prohibit the promotion of "extremism". According to critics, this measure serves above all to make communication difficult for the opposition parties.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will accept these acknowledgments, or will it lead to it abandoning its presence in Russia. But, of course, everything will also depend on how much the service earns and profits in Putin's country.

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