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Netflix: This movie is the biggest craze of the moment!  Did you see him?

Netflix: This movie is the biggest craze of the moment! Did you see him?

This news broke and I thought we’d talk about it army of the dead Disappointed. Who controls Top Netflix all over Globalism It’s something completely different. I’m specifically talking about a movie that divides users. Some because they loved it and some because they expected so much more. Anyway, everyone is watching. I’m talking about wake up. did you see? The movie is the biggest craze of the moment on Netflix.

Being crazy on Netflix doesn’t mean a movie can’t divide opinions

Awake It is a movie about a desperate mother trying to save her children in the midst of some kind of apocalypse. In other words, it is an attempt by the broadcasting giant to repeat the big hit of 2018″bird box“.

Directed by Mark Raso, Awake stars Gina Rodriguez in the title role and takes on the role of Jill. A veteran works as a security guard at a medical facility, but he’s not exactly straight. When he went with his two children in the car, he discovered that the engine had stopped working. After that, you will discover that all the electrical equipment in the world has stopped working. Moreover, people lost the ability to sleep.

Netflix movie madness

Now as you can imagine, without sleep, all people on Earth end up dying within weeks. However, the cognitive problems caused by sleep deprivation do not appear all at once. For most of the movie, people remain responsible for their actions. But not always.

Netflix movie madness

Either way, vigilance is the awakening of human guilt and violence. But with other features. Especially since Matilda, daughter of Jill, was not affected by the widespread problem of insomnia. At this point, Jill has to decide whether to hand her daughter over to the government to test her or protect her from everything.

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However, not everything in this movie works. In any case, they guarantee a good time for entertainment.