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Netflix wasn't the only company that increased streaming prices in Portugal

Netflix wasn’t the only company that increased streaming prices in Portugal

As we reported this Thursday, Netflix has officially announced a really predictable price increase in our country. The streaming platform had already done so in 2020 in the US or in July in Brazil.

The platform’s basic plan remains unchanged at €7.99, but the Standard and Premium plans suffer from price increases. The first cost is €10.99 and it goes up to €11.99. The second, and more expensive, ranges from €13.99 to €15.99.

Disney+ increased prices 3 months after arriving in Portugal

We had to wait a long time to see a boost from Netflix. But other platforms, like Disney+, only needed three months in our market to raise prices.

The platform arrived in our country in September of last year, for 6.99 € per month or 69.99 € per year. It was an attractive price tag that became a mirage with Star content included. Since then, the service has risen to €8.99 per month or €89.99 per year.

Netflix is ​​the world’s leading streaming service

So far, Amazon Prime Video is the cheapest streaming service among the top players from the market. For just €3.99 per month, or €36 per year, users are entitled to the streaming service, but also other services such as free postage on any purchases so designated.

HBO Max’s arrival in Portugal should bring increases

The one who keeps the prices unchanged is HBO Portugal, which costs 4.99 euros since arriving in our country. However, with the arrival of HBO Max in our country, scheduled for this year, this price must be subject to changes.

Netflix is ​​justifying this price increase in the same way that Disney+ did: through supposed catalog improvements. But the truth is that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many Netflix originals that have yet to be released.

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We’ll see if these increases have a negative impact on the number of subscribers to the service. The beauty of the streaming service is that the user can opt out immediately if they cannot afford the increases.

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