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“Transmissão interrompida, acaba às 3 da manhã”: Internautas respondem a Cristina Ferreira após ‘garantia’ em direto

Netizens Respond To Christina Ferreira After Live ‘Warranty’

During last Sunday’s concert, Nuno Homim de Sa Big Brother production revealed He lives in the moment when he is being punished for disrespecting his colleagues and many of the show’s rules as his girlfriend Frederica Lima.

Directly, the actor revealed the ‘agreement’ that the production will be with him not to transfer images of the moment of tension that occurred You can remember here: “I was told that these pictures would not be shown, as they were a brutal failure and disrespect on the part of the production that happened here that night. No one came forward and I went to deal with the matter. I got excited because they were totally bullfighting, that was a shame“He’s hot.

Facing the tension that arose during the ceremony, moments before Nuno Homem de Sa was expelled by the Portuguese vote, Cristina Ferreira sought to calm the mood by offering a guarantee to the competitors:The rules are enforced by Big, he decides what he wants to do. You think you know everything that’s going on outside, thinking that from 3 AM onwards you can’t see what you’re doing and don’t forget one thing: everyone who enters Big Brother is seen 24 hours a day. 24 hours a day for the team to see“.

This statement immediately drew criticism on social media and there were those who ‘performed the calculations’ in order to realize that the broadcast is, in fact, not open 24 hours a day as Cristina Ferreira claims, given the (many) breaks. On TVI Reality: “24 hours for production to see, because the audience doesn’t even see half“,”Not right“,”Announcement After the announcement, the transmission stopped for a long time and the broadcast ends at 3 am“or”During the activities Extra/Daily is given, secondary is turned off when they want, they leave competitors doing nothing for hours, after the diaries we are without broadcast for 30 minutes and we are without broadcast for 7 hours at night“They are just some of the comments that can be read on Twitter.