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Never-before-seen photos of Carolina Lorero's party with many friends

Never-before-seen photos of Carolina Lorero’s party with many friends

Carolina Loreiro Another birthday celebration last Thursday, June 23. However, the date was only celebrated this weekend, In a very special meeting of friends.

Along with some of his close friends, it also features many co-workers, such as actors Diogo ValsacenaAnd the Bruna QuintasAnd the Fernando PerezAnd the Guilherme Moraor even now Luis Garcia And the Joanna DuarteActress who gives life Nazareth in the serieshoneymoonHe was cheerful, and shared several photos from the party.

Thanks friends for the 30th party. I love you allThe actress wrote in the caption to her Instagram post, which was again filled with comments to the actress, and many of them again took the opportunity to congratulate the actress on her birthday.

It was amazing thank you“, he wrote Joao Manzara Which indicates, although not seen in the pictures, that he was also one of the guests. “beautiful. you deserve“,”You are gorgeous“,”These photos brought glamor to this day and a big smile on our hearts!“, or”You deserve all the best and the bestare other examples of common reactions.

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