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Never use tap water in these four situations

Never use tap water in these four situations

sYou must feel twice before using tap water again to clean certain parts of the body or some household products, as doctor Jan Caudle warned, through a video clip he posted on TikTok.

According to Caudle, tap water is not safe for rinsing the nose. This is because the water is not filtered or treated adequately. “Some tap water actually contains low levels of organisms that can cause potentially serious infections,” he says. In these cases, you should choose distilled, sterilized, or pre-boiled water.

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The doctor also states that there are many different germs found in this water that can cause eye infections, especially in people who wear contact lenses. “Do not use tap water, household solutions, or anything similar to disinfect or store contact lenses.”

Not only can tap water contain bacteria, it can also contain minerals that can cause buildup or scale on your continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine. “Distilled water is the best option,” he says.

Finally, it is also not recommended to use tap water in humidifiers. According to the doctor, “distilled water is best.”

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