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New 5008.  All about Peugeot's first 7-seat electric SUV

New 5008. All about Peugeot's first 7-seat electric SUV

The new Peugeot 5008 follows in the footsteps of the 3008: with sporty style and for the first time offering new 100% electric versions. The capacity remains seven seats.

The second generation of 3008 and 5008 (2016-17) changed the face of Peugeot, but despite 5008 Having been one of the best-selling seven-seater SUVs in Europe for years – preceded only by the Skoda Kodiaq – it has had a somewhat reserved presence, somewhat given the massive success of the 3008.

However, both contributed decisively to Peugeot's commercial growth and image: they allowed it to increase profit margins and market share, and even win over customers (beloved) who usually do not put the French brand in their shopping cart.

Peugeot E-5008 Rear 3/4
© Peugeot

Now, to give the 5008 even more significance, Peugeot has given the new generation of the seven-seat SUV a more distinctive and, above all, sporty exterior design.

There are more edges spread throughout the body, a new signature created by the headlights and a modern grille that blends into the surrounding bodywork, in the same colour. Decorative inserts were reduced and chrome applications were banned.

Bigger on the outside and inside

The length and wheelbase of the new 5008 have mainly increased over the previous generation, being also 25cm longer (16cm including wheelbase) and 15cm longer than the 3008, while width is identical.

Inside, the dashboard area exactly matches that of the new 3008, highlighting the new 21-inch curved display – Panoramic i-Cockpit – slightly oriented towards the driver, which combines instrument functions, Head width And a central information and entertainment screen.

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Considering that this car seats up to seven people, it is very useful to have a rear-view camera with two standard angles: the “normal” rear and the “top view”, with a 360-degree view. My choice.

The cabin configuration is a typical 2+3+2 seating, with the second row able to move forward and back along the rails in a 60/40 split, while the back row can be folded down in a 40/20/40 split. The center seat in the second row is narrower than the side seats, but the backs of all three fold forward and the seats can be moved forward to make getting in and out of the third row easier.

The luggage compartment of the new Peugeot 5008 has a capacity of 259 liters (seven-seater), 748 liters (five-seater) and 1,815 liters (two-seater), and the tailgate can be operated electrically (standard on the GT version). ., optional in Allure).

There is also a panoramic roof over the first two rows of seats, the front section of which can be opened.

Two hybrid and three electric

The unprecedented Peugeot e-5008 is the second Stellantis model to use the new STLA Medium platform. Options in terms of engines and batteries are identical to those of the 3008. However, they have less range, a result of the larger and less aerodynamic body.

  • Electric 210 – single front motor, 157 kW (213 hp) and 343 Nm, 73 kWh battery, 500 km range;
  • 230 Long Range Electric — single front motor, 170 kW (231 hp) and 343 Nm, 98 kWh battery, 660 km range;
  • 320 electric all-wheel drive — two motors (one for each axle), 240 kW (326 hp) and 343+166 Nm, 73 kWh battery, 500 km range.
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NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) lithium-ion batteries can be charged at 11 kW with alternating current (AC) as standard, 22 kW as an option, or up to 160 kW with direct current (DC).

In this case, Peugeot advertises that it takes 30 minutes to top up the smaller battery from 20% to 80% in seven hours (7.4 kW, AC) or in 4 hours and 30 minutes (11 kW, AC). The battery has a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km.

Peugeot E-5008 front charging 3/4Peugeot E-5008 front charging 3/4
© Peugeot There is no pre-conditioning function for the temperature at which it reaches the charging point (which speeds up this process).

The range is completed by two 5008s without the letter “e”, that is, versions that (also) use a combustion engine.

The first is the 5008 hybrid, which is actually a Mild hybrid 48 volts, ensuring light electric assistance (small 0.43 kWh battery) and equipped with the latest development of the 1.2 PureTech engine, with 136 hp, linked to a six-speed automatic transmission (e-DCS6).

Peugeot E-5008, 3/4 rearPeugeot E-5008, 3/4 rear
© Peugeot

The second gives more importance to the electrical part. that it hybrid Delivery inmated to a 92 kW (125 hp) electric motor and a 150 hp (four-cylinder) PureTech internal combustion engine, delivering a maximum total power of 195 hp, mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission (DCS7).

When will he arrive?

The new Peugeot e-5008 and 5008 will arrive in Portugal in the fall and no prices have been announced yet.

However, based on estimates indicating a price increase of around 2,500 euros compared to the new 3008, the hybrid It will be the least expensive version of the new 5008, priced around €40,000, while the cheapest e-5008 (Allure and 73 kWh battery) will be very close to €50,000.

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It is estimated that the e-5008 with a 98 kWh battery could cost approximately 59 thousand euros. As for the hybrid future Delivery init should start at around €45,000, halfway between the 5008 Hybrid and the e-5008.

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