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Chegou a nova máquina de gravação a laser avançada ORTUR Laser Master 3

New advanced laser engraving and cutting machine ORTUR Laser Master 3

ORTUR has just announced a new advanced laser engraving machine, the Laser Master 3, improving on what the Master 2 versions have to offer.

Learn all about the new ORTUR Laser Master 3 laser engraving and cutting machine.

Recording company Ortur Laser Master 3 It offers a large print area of ​​400 x 400mm, which is suitable for really large jobs. The dimensions of the chassis are 580 x 550 x 150 mm and its weight is 6.5 kg.

The new Laser Master 3 engraving machine is equipped with an OLM-ESP-PRO-V2.4 motherboard. It has a resolution of 0.05 x 0.1 mm, with a pivot point one-fourth the size of a circular. This precision makes engraving and cutting more defined and without marks.

In addition to engraving in more than 1,000 possibilities, according to the manufacturer, the machine also allows precise cutting, among other things, of leather, cardboard, acrylic, paper, wood and filter. Wood, for example, can be up to 20 mm thick and acrylic can be up to 30 mm thick.

The firmware that powers this recorder contains an improved motion algorithm, allowing the maximum speed to go from 4000 mm/min to 10,000 mm/min, with speeds from 0 to 20,000 mm/min to be announced.

It is fully compatible with the most popular laser engraving control software, such as the free and open source LaserGRBL.

Unexpected external events are always a reality in the work environment, and there are many aspects that can threaten the successful completion of laser engraving. Whether it is due to moving or tilting the machine, or inadvertently blocking the computer or blocking the motors, the engraving machine will stop immediately to prevent any potential damage. It is also capable of detecting flames, as the alarm sounds, and has an emergency button, available when necessary.

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Printing and cutting can be controlled via the application, via Wi-Fi, which greatly speeds up the whole process, being able, for example, to photograph and laser print an item almost instantly and without restrictions.

the new Ortur laser master 3 laser engraver Available for around €623, with discount code LM3ZB100. Free shipping from Europe.

You can also take advantage of some of the offers:

  • Buy 1 to 20: Air pump for laser cutting machines (86.15€)
  • Buy 21 to 50: Multi (67 €)
  • buy +50: Material package for laser engraving (24.88€)

Ortur Laser Master 3

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