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New Biomoutant trailer introduces the game world


a Thq north And developer Experience 101 A new file has been released Movie trailer With the purpose Biomoutant Entitled “The World” is where the game world is presented.

Biomutant It is a legendary RPG game Wong Fu An open post-apocalyptic world, with a unique martial arts style combat system that allows you to mix melee, shootout and mutant skill movement.

Watch the new trailer:

Biomutant It will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and Origin on May 25.

Pre-order bonus: “mercenaries”:

Mercenary offers a unique set of features and can only be played from scratch with this downloadable content. Mercenaries have a double grip as an initial skill and are equipped with classic katana blades and shorter wakizashi blades to explain in the real world. Simply put, it will allow you to experience the Biomutant Realm as a classic samurai-like warrior from the start.

Who receives Merc Class as a pre-order incentive?

The Mercenary class will be included in all digital preorders, as well as in all Biomutant Physical Super Storage (whether pre-order or not). Inside, there will be a mini post with access codes. You will not receive pre-orders for the Standard “Mercenary” physical edition.

Will it be exclusive or is there a difference between computers and consoles in terms of digital pre-order?

No, they are basically the same thing; The only item that will be exclusive to the console will be Biomutant’s PlayStation 4 theme.

Will I be able to purchase Mercenary after launch?

Yes, we’ll also be showing it as a downloadable post-launch content. The pre-order incentive gives you a slightly better deal if you pre-order (base game plus “free” downloadable content from “Mercenary” for download) in exchange for purchasing the game on launch day and then purchasing the “Mercenary” category above that – which.

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