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New charges against police officers after the murder of George Floyd - VG

New charges against police officers after the murder of George Floyd – VG

Defender: Four former police officers accused of violating George Floyd’s constitutional rights. Photo: AP

A grand jury charged four former police officers with violating George Floyd’s constitutional rights when he was killed in detention last year.

Police officer Derek Chauvin has previously been convicted of premeditated murder. The verdict and verdict are expected on June 16.

On Friday, it became clear that Chauvin would be tried again in the case. Along with three of his former police colleagues, he is now accused of violating Floyd’s rights during his arrest on May 25 last year.

A federal grand jury has issued three counts against Chauvin and former police officers Thomas Lynn, J. Koeng and Tu Thaw, who also participated in the arrest. The deaths sparked violent demonstrations related to black lives.

The charges can be punished with life imprisonment or the death penalty, but such severe punishments are very rare in such cases.

Accused of arrest of 14 years

Chauvin, Lynn, and Thaw are accused of violating Floyd’s right not to be subjected to disproportionate use of force. The four are accused of failing to provide Floyd with medical assistance, while Chauvin is also charged with another case.

This stems from the arrest of a 14-year-old boy in 2017, when Chauvin also pressed the neck of the person who was to be arrested.

Arrest: The four former police officers are accused of violating Floyd’s rights during arrest. Foto: Court TV Pool

Chauvin is already in prison awaiting sentencing. The other three police officers will not be imprisoned pending trial in August.

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The three digitally participated in a court hearing in Minneapolis on Friday. Chauvin did not attend.

Violent demonstrations broke out

Floyd died when Chauvin put him on the floor and put his knee on his neck for more than nine minutes. Floyd repeatedly shouted “I can’t breathe,” which became the mantra for the entire BLM movement.

According to the claim, Koenig and Lynn also helped drive Floyd. At the same time, they believe Thao has kept the passers-by away and prevented them from interfering.

Chauvin’s defenders claimed in the murder case against him that he acted according to the book, and that Floyd died of underlying health problems and drug abuse.

After the verdict, Chauvin requested a new trial. He was found guilty of all charges in the murder case.