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New Chinese electric car XPeng P7i, real low cost

The new XPeng P7i, the Chinese electric car with more than 700 km of autonomy, has arrived at an attractive price of 34,000 euros.

XPeng P7i, the premium Chinese electric car with 700 km of autonomy

Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng just announced its latest model, the P7i, which aims to battle models like the Tesla Model 3.

At the end of January 2023, we announced that the manufacturer XPENG had lowered the prices of its electric cars in China in response to Tesla, which is a strong strategy that shows that XPENG wants to be in the battle for the electricity market.

In fact, this isn’t a completely new car, but rather a revamp of the existing XPeng P7, with a slightly different name.

With this update also comes a new interior, new connectivity options, and improved driver assistance. In addition, aspects such as performance, autonomy and charging were not left in the hands of others.

XPeng P7i, a real technology show on wheels

Electric Vehicle - XPENG P7i Interior
Electric Vehicle – XPENG P7i Interior

Driving assistance capabilities have undergone an overhaul, with more capable hardware than previously used. In fact, XPeng uses two LiDAR sensors and two Nvidia Drive Orin chipsets, which together are capable of reaching a computational power of 508 TOPS, and this is in the Max and Wing versions with all-wheel drive.

These numbers represent a 17 times increase, when compared to the previous model, which is still pretty impressive.

In real-world conditions, this virtual firepower improves the ability to perceive reality at an angle of 360 degrees, allowing you to embark on semi-autonomous driving scenarios that were previously impossible to achieve.

Inside, the P7i has the help of a Qualcomm chip to better recognize voice commands provided by both the driver and other passengers. The same chip is also used to power the infotainment system, which uses proprietary XPeng software called Xmart OS 4.0.

This system operates entirely on a touch screen, with which all vehicle functions are controlled, incl Dolby Atmos sound With 20 speakers spread across the passenger compartment.

In terms of the interior, the XPeng P7i gained a new steering wheel, a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel, a nearly 15-inch home screen, and saw a redesign of the center console. The seats are now more comfortable and have more adjustments and new customization options.

On the outside, the changes are more subtle, essentially involving minor changes that have allowed the aerodynamic coefficient to drop to just 0.236, which contributes to the overall efficiency of this all-electric vehicle.

Autonomy and acceleration increase, charging time decreases

Rear wheel drive versions of the P7i are capable of a range of up to 702 km, measured in CLTC course (the closest Chinese equivalent of WLTP).

When it’s time to charge the battery, the fast charge feature allows you to add enough power in just 10 minutes to travel 240km; Already in half an hour the remaining percentage goes from 10 to 80%.

The P7i 610Max and 610 Wing with all-wheel drive can reach 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

… thanks to the two electric motors that deliver a combined power of 466 hp and 757 Nm of maximum torque. The version with only one rear engine delivers 272 hp and 440 Nm of torque, which are still very respectable values.

An important factor in any electrified vehicle is the temperature of its battery. With this in mind, the Chinese manufacturer has improved the thermal management system for this component by 88.9%, now able to reach a cooling capacity of 8.5kW.

Thanks to this, the P7i can roll continuously at a speed of 190 km / h for 30 minutes without the risk of overheating.

Xpeng P7i price

The Xpeng P7i is currently only available in China, with prices starting at $36,000 (around €34,000 at the time of writing).

This electric car is a real premium and will certainly fight hard in the international market.

Photo Gallery XPENG P7i

Video – The future has arrived with the new XPENG P7i

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