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New Controversy with Joana Albuquerque: BB Winner, Becomes Video Singer ... 'Specials' - National

New Controversy with Joana Albuquerque: BB Winner, Becomes Video Singer … ‘Specials’ – National

After Thiago Jenga, Helder, Roy Alves and Andre Philippe … it is the turn of Joanna Albuquerque to become the new whooping cough for singer Guita Bimbulo.

“Big Brother” competitor took advantage of his reconciliation with Bruno Savate to go to Porto to record this video as it appears to be the misunderstood love of Guita Pimpolho.

In just twelve hours, it has already accumulated nearly 10,000 views and even though there are close to 100 people who hate the video, the truth is that Joanna … seems to be delighting fans.

“I can only express Joana D’Albuquerque’s unique and exotic beauty in this video. She tells the story and explains all of her senses and is still the one who bestows the beauty of my soul, Porto,” says one fan who watched the video. “There are no defects. Joanna is beautiful, strong, mysterious … I wish you all the best. How lucky you (Gita) I registered with this woman !!! You have already won,” says another

Pictures of Joanna’s new strange life

“Joanna was amazing, the place couldn’t be better, and the video overall is really good! Congratulations to all !! This is what another fan said, who told him that the trip to Porto was “one in two,” referring to reconciliation with Bruno Savat.

Besides, Joanna no longer hides her passion. After moving to “Cristina ConVida”, Cascais beta has already obtained several rights with the lover, driving fans crazy with reconciliation.

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