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Novo Dacia Spring - O mais barato dos elétricos chega em 3 versões

New Dacia Spring – The cheapest electric car arrives in 3 versions

The new Dacia Spring will be the most affordable car on the market. The Dacia Spring will be marketed in Portugal at an unbeatable price of € 16,800 (€ 13,800 with state incentive).

This car is the brand’s first 100% electric model and comes in three versions.

New Spring is a true R-EV solution. Assuming it is the most affordable electric vehicle on the European market, it makes electric mobility accessible to nearly everyone and not just a few.

Under the SUV side is a clearly urban vehicle, with unparalleled space for four passengers and equipped with a simple but highly reliable electric motor, with a range of 230 km (combined WLTP) or 305 km in a 100% urban environment (WLTP cycle).

The new Dacia spring is presented in three versions:

  • Sales copy for Private sector clients, With pre-orders beginning in March and with first deliveries scheduled for fall 2021.
  • One Corporate version, Already available to the car rental market, fleet and car share (car sharing) companies.
  • Finally, A. The commercial alternative "merchandise", Without rear seats, is the ideal solution for last-kilometer deliveries to be launched in early 2022.

New Dacia Spring - The cheapest electric car arrives in 3 versions

With a wide waistline and a rounded hood, the spring feels just as sturdy as it really is. The huge silhouette denounces the space we live in on the ship.

Nevertheless, New Spring is still a real city, even quite compact: 3.73 m long, 1.58 m wide (without rearview mirrors) and 1.51 m high (including rails) roof).

A charming city with a touch of all terrain

The front of the Dacia Spring exudes personality, with a curly hood, extended bumpers and LED headlights. The front grille is completely closed, a typical feature of electric cars, but in a contemporary style: 3D patterns! In addition, it houses the charger cover, which can be opened through the passenger compartment.

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Despite the five doors, Novo Spring's compact exterior dimensions respect the style of the city. Passengers have a storage space of 23.1 liters, divided between a spacious glove compartment, pouches on the doors and a compartment in the center console.

Standard equipment

Standard equipment for the Dacia Spring includes integrated electric assisted steering, manual air conditioning, central locking, four power windows, a light sensor and a speed limiter (controlled on the steering wheel). There is a 3.5-inch digital screen in the center of the device.

The Media Nav entertainment system and power mirrors are available depending on the level of equipment selected.

New Dacia Spring - The cheapest electric car arrives in 3 versions

Simple and reliable electric motor ...

The Dacia Spring Electric can reach a top speed of 125 km / h and can reach a range of 230 km (in urban driving exclusively, this range can go up to 295 km). This car has an electric motor of 33 kW (equivalent to 44 hp) and 125 Nm, and a battery of 27.4 kWh.

The charge time of the lithium-ion battery is:

  • Less than an hour to reach 80% of the load, in a 30 kW station and less than 1.5 hours to reach 100%.
  • Less than 5 hours to 100% load, by 7.4 kW Wallbox
  • Less than 8.5 hours to reach 100% load, by 3.7kw wall box.
  • Less than 14 hours if you choose to fully charge the battery through a 2.3 kW home outlet.

There are currently around 200,000 freight stations in European soil, 43,700 in the Netherlands, about 33,000 in Germany, about 30,000 in France and about 1,500 in Portugal

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