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New details revealed about the world of Horizon Forbidden West

New details revealed about the world of Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games has revealed a few more details about the much-anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, this time focusing on the world of the sequel.

How is it detailed in Message Posted on the PlayStation Blog and in a press release sent to VideoGamer Portugal, several tribes occupy the post-apocalyptic lands of the Horizon series, each with their own history.

“When members of the tribe are in their colony, their sanctuaries can be themselves. Historically and socially, the Osiram are a patriarchal tribe, so their animation is about beating shoulders and high fivesEspen Sogn, lead designer of the game’s live world commented.

“Otaru, on the other hand, is laid-back, so they usually just sit together and be softer,” he continued.

You’ll find some of these humans in one of the game’s first colonies, called Chainscrape. We know it will be Osiram’s camp on the western frontier. “With a lot of activity, and a lot of visual cues, Chainscrape was a place where we could show many new systems and animations that make the world and its people look more alive.”

Again, these camps will serve as axles Where can Aloy improve his skills. You will also have the opportunity to purchase items, weapons, and armor from vendors. Crucially, each will function differently because of these camps.

For example, the chief of Oseram will look like a different person than the chief of Tenakth. The blog also mentions the new customization options you’ll get with the Hero Outfit. The new workbenches will allow for the shaping and optimization of machine parts.

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After that it was DelayedHorizon Forbidden West will be published on February 8, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Last month we got to know better some skills as a hero.

Forbidden horizon west

NS Playstation 4And PlayStation 5

The sequel to the acclaimed post-apocalyptic RPG dominated by animal machines.

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February 18 2022