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New DualSense colors are now available for Playstation 5

Playstation 5 is one of the new generation consoles, along with Xbox Series X and S, but the truth is that it was difficult to find consoles for sale, not only because of the lack of processors that plagued the market there were difficulties in the production of the console, but also because the demand It’s still phenomenal, despite the console actually being released over a year ago.

Although there are no consoles available, the truth is that Sony does not fail to release new accessories and there are now three new colors on sale for Playstation 5 controllers already available in the market, starlight blueAnd purple galaxy e Nova Pink.

There is the natural color and it is mostly white, and in June of last year Sony actually released the first colors of the Playstation 5 controls, the Darkness of midnight e cosmic redNow accompanied by these three new colors that allow you to enhance your gaming experience, with different accessories.

Note that the design of the wireless controller DualSense starlight blue It is inspired by the radiant glow of stars that illuminate the universe. Like DualSense purple galaxyYou can plot your way to cosmic adventures on your console PS5 With this stylish purple console, it is the perfect companion for exploring new game worlds. Also, design the command DualSense Nova Pink, an incredibly intense pink color, reflecting the immense power of a supernova.

Acclaimed by national and international critics, the Wireless Controller DualSense Featuring immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive stimuli and a built-in microphone, all wrapped into an iconic, ergonomic design already available in five special editions inspired by outer space.

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Remember that on January 21, console covers will be released PlayStation 5 For standard and digital color editions darkening midnight e cosmic red, while the remaining colors of Galaxy group It will be launched during the first half of 2022.

The two new colors are already on sale at the usual points of sale.