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New GTA 6 trailer coming in April?  Understanding rumours

New GTA 6 trailer coming in April? Understanding rumours

It all started with Insert the plural word on the Rockstar website. Then, it is still unknown where that rumor originated from A new GTA 6 trailer will arrive in April. Many profiles started repeating information, On the social networkThe topic has already been widely discussed. But, after all, is there any truth in this?

for now, Nothing is certain. However, if these speculations actually come true, it is very likely that there will be a statement soon. Remember all the hype around GTA 6 Trailer 1? A lot of it was due to a post from Rockstar Games themselves confirming its publication date. A month before it was published.

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Signs that there may be updates are the fall of the company's official website, and the fact that they have created a tab called “Videos”, plural, around GTA 6. Moreover, there is still anticipation of the start of the pre-game. Sales of the game and the new trailer would go a long way toward stimulating that.

Not to mention the fact that Rockstar developers are expected to return to the company's offices in April, for the supposed final race of the game – which will be released in the first half of 2025. Of course, these are just guesses, but they make sense.

Meanwhile, April begins with April Fool's Day, so be careful not to fall for the prank!

GTA 6 is “the most important game in history”

You know this expression Carry the team/industry/program on your back? Well, according to famous analyst Matt Piscatella, from Circana, a company that specializes in analyzing data related to the gaming industry, this is the role that GTA 6 should play when it is released, perhaps in 2025. For him, this is the most important role in history. .

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In an interview with Games IndustryPescadilla highlighted that if the economic situation improves in the United States and the new Grand Theft Auto game arouses public interest as everyone expects, it is very likely that the gaming industry will recover after a difficult 2023 and an already complicated 2024. Click here for a better understanding.