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New iPad Air, iPad Pro, and new MacBook Air in March

New iPad Air, iPad Pro, and new MacBook Air in March

It's been over a year without new iPads, which is a bit strange coming from Apple. In fact, at the end of 2023, some rumors suggested the launch of new tablets to update some series, but this did not happen. There has also been talk of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air possibly arriving in the first quarter of this year, and that finally appears to be the case.

iPads are still a very profitable product for Apple and without competition. However, the company needs to revamp the lines, as as the years go by, some technologies become less modern. According to some rumours, the Cupertino company is supposed to release a number of updates within a few weeks.

At the moment, there are no possible dates for Keyword He referred to March or April, but remember that March has always been iPad month due to the large number of shows held annually in this month. Moreover, it is likely that in addition to the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, we will see a new, revamped MacBook Air.

March or April: Apple will launch the new iPad Pro, Air, and MacBook Air

Mark Gurman once again issued his predictions about the next Apple presentation, the first of 2024. It seems that everything revolves around March or April, when we will see new iPad models and a new MacBook Air. Yes, it's true that there has been a lot of waiting for the new iPad Air models with the larger screen and the arrival of Apple's new M series chipsets in the Pro.

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The new MacBook Air will benefit from the presentation and will be completely revamped. In your case, there will be two models, 13 and 15 inches, that will be updated at the same time. It will include the M3 chip used in the latest Macs introduced by Apple and will not include major design changes, considering that the latest update was already a major design change for the Air lineup.

MacBook Air photo

But stars Keyword These will undoubtedly be the iPad Air and iPad Pro, and in the case of the iPad Air, a new 12.9-inch model is expected, and the 10.9-inch model should remain unchanged.

The integration of the M2 chip, Wi-Fi 6E or a new rear camera could be the key elements of the update. Finally, for the iPad Pro, it's to be expected The integration of OLED panels allows users to enjoy a brighter displayGreater contrast and lower power consumption, which is a big step for the Pro range, however, these displays will increase the price of the devices.

Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air to the world 16 years ago

We're still on the 16th anniversary of the MacBook Air. On January 15, 2008, then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed the world the MacBook Air. The presentation was distinguished in the company's world history due to the executive removing the device from the yellow envelope to highlight its thickness.

The MacBook Air was announced during Apple's keynote at the Macworld Expo event. In addition to the laptop, the company also showed off other news, such as the launch of the Time Capsule, updates for the iPhone and iPod touch, and much more. But the Air forever changed Cupertino's laptop lineup.

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This year it could receive another update, more powerful, thinner and also with a cool touch of aluminum.