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Microsoft Defender Windows 11 segurança novidade

New Microsoft Defender images created for Windows 11 appear

Microsoft has bet on improving its core operating system and many new features have appeared in Windows 11. This in itself is an almost drastic change and it debuts many new and very attractive aesthetics.

But, since Microsoft has other plans, the change is not limited to Windows 11. There are apps to receive changes and improvements, to be more attractive too. One about to know is Microsoft Defender, its security solution.

Rhythmicly and very quickly, Microsoft demonstrated everything it was preparing for Windows 11 and its users. It is no longer limited to what you have set up for your operating system, but also the applications that you want to renew and even present as new.

If the focus is on the things you have now as the first time, the truth is that there are also some renovations that need to be done. Some are already visible like Paint, others are being prepared behind the scenes, to be published later.

Among those that were published recently, in the form of an information leak, was the renewal of Microsoft Defender. The software giant's security solution is getting stronger and for many it is the active solution that defends their systems.

After the first taste of what is being prepared for Windows 11, now new images appear. These promote a clearer picture of this proposal and even surprise. It was initially designed for Windows 11, and it appears to be ready to run on the previous version as well.

It's already on the Microsoft App Store and Soon to be installed, although I can't work properly, due to lack of permission. It is expected that it will soon enter the Insider Program and therefore be tested more thoroughly.

This is a significant change for Windows 11 and earlier. Microsoft appears to be developing solutions focused on the new system, but it fits the current system. This was seen in the Microsoft App Store and is now back in Defender

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