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New missile attacks against Ukraine – explosions in several cities – NRK Urix – foreign documentary news

Explosions were reported in several Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kyiv.

Eruptions have also been reported in Vinnitsa, Mykolayiv and Dnipro, write Kyiv Post. According to the newspaper, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

– Chief of Staff Andrei Yermak said Thursday morning that the first Russian missiles were shot down.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko explains this cable That there are explosions in Kyiv.

According to the mayor, one person was killed and two injured in the Golosevskij district. They must have been hit by a missile.

Six launchers

Odessa Governor Maxim Marchenko signs cable There are currently major problems with the electricity supply as a result of the missile attacks.

– Many energy infrastructure facilities have been bombed and damaged in our and other regions of Ukraine, he says.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman, Yuri Ignatsays six Tupolev Tu-95 bombers took off from Russia.

– We are ready for more than 30 missiles, which we have already begun to see in different regions.

A Russian official in Ukraine's Luhansk region on January 25.

A Russian official in Ukraine’s Luhansk region on January 25.

Photo: Alexander Ermoshenko/Reuters


Everyone is encouraged to seek sanctuary in shelters. The flight alert is heard in most parts of Ukraine.

It happens after Russia attacked Ukraine with drones during the night, according to Ukraine Defense.

The drone attacks are said to have been mainly concentrated around the central regions and the capital Kyiv, according to the NTB report.

Air alert across Ukraine on January 26.

Flight alert across Ukraine on January 26.

Photo: Alerts at UA

The defense stated that all 24 of the drones were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system. In a statement Thursday morning, they wrote that there was a high risk of further air and drone attacks across the country.

Authorities in Kyiv say 15 of the drones were aimed at the capital, but caused no damage.

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