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Røyk stig opp over Kyiv etter russiske angrep 11. okt 2022

New missile attacks in Ukraine on Tuesday – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Several Ukrainian cities were hit by new missile attacks on Tuesday. In many cities, the electric current has been destroyed, and the authorities are asking people to provide electricity.

In the Dnipropetrovsk province, with the $1 million city of Dnipro, the power supply has been hit hard, AFP reports.

Electricity was destroyed in the Pavlograd and Kamyan regions. Many small towns are without electricity, according to Governor Valentin Reznichenko.

Military sources told AFP that the southern cities of Mykolachev and Odessa had also damaged energy infrastructure. Interfax reported an attack by at least 16 missiles and two kamikaze drones that targeted power plants.

In Zaporizhzhya, loss of human life was reported after several missiles landed early today. The news agency reported that the attack targeted a school, a health institution, and several residences Interfax Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that it carried out new attacks in Ukraine on Tuesday, AFP reported.

Firefighters working in Zaporizhzhya where one of the buildings was destroyed.

Photo: Ukraine’s State Emergency Service / Reuters

Asking people to save electricity

This morning, the mayor of Lviv in western Ukraine reported that “critical infrastructure” had been bombed in a new air attack.

According to a Reuters journalist in the city, three explosions were heard shortly after 12 o’clock local time. Interfax Ukraine Reports of at least two explosions in the city center. A military spokesman said a power station had been bombed.

Governor Maxim Kozytsky writes on the Telegram messaging service that two Power plants hit.

– Keep diving into the shelter. Do not spread photo, video or rumors, write Kosietsky.

Lviv Mayor Andrej Sadovji wrote on Telegram that 30 percent of the city has lost power. In two areas there is also a problem with the water supply. On Monday, there was a blackout in the city’s electricity and water network.

The Russian president confirmed, yesterday, that the energy infrastructure was among the targets of the attack.

Lviv blocked on October 10, 2022

MÖRKLAGD: Lviv Mista and the current on Monday.

Photo: STRINGER/Reuters

There were also reports of missile attacks from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, on Tuesday. Independent sources did not confirm these reports.

Kidnapping of a power station manager

State energy company Energoatom said, according to Reuters, that Russian forces have kidnapped the deputy director of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

According to the news, Deputy Director Valery Martinyuk was kidnapped yesterday. He will be held in an unknown location.

In a message on Telegram, the company wrote that it believed that Russian forces were trying to pressure Martyniuk to obtain information about employees at the power plant.

Energoatom is asking the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency to help free Martyniuk. Earlier this year it was The kidnapping of the nuclear power plant managerBut he was later released.

Residential complexes destroyed by bomb attacks in Zaporizhia October 10, 2022

Destroyed apartment blocks in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Photo: Ukrainian police/AFP

United Nations: It could be a breach of international law

The United Nations says the latest Russian attacks on Ukraine may have violated international law and may amount to war crimes if they deliberately target civilians.

These bomb attacks may be contrary to the principle of international law regarding the rules of war, says Ravina Shamdasani. She is a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

It asserts that deliberately targeting civilians and civilian objects is a violation of the laws of war.

France previously described the attack on Monday as a violation of the laws of war.

kamikaze planes

There have been reports of kamikaze drone attacks. These are drones that explode when they hit the target. Both Russia and Ukraine have Such drones.

According to the Ukrainian defense, the Vinnytsia power plant, located southwest of Kyiv, was attacked by Iranian-made drones.

– The Russians attacked the Lydizin thermal power plant with two Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, said Serhij Borzov, defense spokesman for the Vinnytsia region.

Two employees of the power plant were injured, Interfax reported.

Borzov wrote on Telegram that the power plant is still operating, but is asking residents to be careful when the air traffic alert goes off.

In Poltava, which is in the center of the country, miner Ferrexpo reported that it was forced to halt operations as a result of a power outage following a bomb attack on Monday.

Wounded wounded while being bandaged in Kyiv October 10, 2022

Many injured: More than 100 people were injured in Monday’s attack. This picture is from the capital, Kyiv.

Photo: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

G7 meeting on Tuesday

The US president and other leaders of the powerful Group of Seven nations are set to meet later in the day to discuss what they can do to support Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will speak at the digital meeting. He has already said his number one priority is more air defense, which Biden has already promised him.

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, will also participate. It requested that NATO leaders meet “to ensure that Allies remain united and resolute in their opposition to Putin’s behaviour”, the British government wrote in this regard. home pages.

At the same time, new warnings are coming from Moscow.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti that a direct confrontation with NATO is not in Russia’s interest, but that “Russia will respond to the West’s increasing involvement in the Ukraine conflict with appropriate measures.”

Ryabkov warns Washington against escalation of the conflict by increasing its participation.

NATO: Attack is a sign of weakness

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO Defense Ministers will meet later this week.

One point of the program, he says, will be to increase security around critical infrastructure after the sabotage attack on a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Stoltenberg said the recent attacks from Russia are a sign of weakness, and that Putin is on the verge of losing the war.

– Stoltenberg said that they do not have the military capacity to retake the area captured by Ukraine in recent weeks, so they resort to missile attacks on civilians, which is against international law.

Erdogan meets Putin on Thursday

On Thursday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to meet with Putin in the Kazakh capital, Astana. This was confirmed by both the Kremlin and Ankara.

Erdogan has repeatedly lobbied to start talks on a ceasefire in Ukraine.

A Kremlin spokesman said Putin and Erdogan would discuss the situation in Ukraine.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, it is “likely” that Putin and Erdogan will discuss a Turkish proposal to start talks between Russia and the West on peace in Ukraine.

Putin and Erdogan are coming to Astana tomorrow for a regional summit. The two met last September in Uzbekistan.

Erdogan is expected to continue pressing for a meeting between Putin and Zelensky with the aim of starting ceasefire talks.

A large bomb crater represents a stadium in Kyiv on October 11, 2022

A large bomb crater broke out in a stadium in central Kyiv on Tuesday.

Photo: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

Zelensky: We can’t be intimidated

The death toll and the injured are gradually rising as Ukraine’s emergency services receive an overview of Monday’s massive Russian missile attacks against Kyiv and at least 10 other cities. On Tuesday morning, emergency services released the new figures, which amounted to 19 dead and more than 100 wounded.

Ukrainian authorities fired at least 80 missiles at Russia on Monday in response to the bombing of the Kerch bridge linking Crimea to Russia.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the attack on the bridge as an act of terrorism. It is believed that Ukrainian intelligence was behind this. Ukraine has not confirmed this yet.

In his address to the Ukrainian people late on Monday, President Zelensky said that Ukraine cannot be intimidated, and that Russian attacks “will only lead to more solidarity.”

Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on October 10, 2022

Hard Day: President Zelensky promised to repair all the damage.

Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / AP

Zelensky warned that Thursday will be a difficult day. At the same time, he promised to repair bomb damage throughout the country.

– We will repair everything that was destroyed in the attack of Russian terrorists. He said it was just a matter of time.

Lavrov positive for Putin-Biden meeting

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Russian state television on Tuesday that Russia would not refuse a meeting between President Putin and US President Joe Biden – if they were invited.

He denied that Russia had refused such a meeting, and said that such a claim from the White House was untrue.

– It’s a lie. We have not received any serious offers to contact, Lavrov said.

Lavrov said Russia was ready to listen to any proposals for peace talks. But he also said he couldn’t promise anything up front about what such an operation might lead to.

Both Biden and Putin are expected to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia in mid-November.

People take shelter in a metro station in Kyiv, October 11, 2022

Bomb Alarm: At a subway station in Kyiv, people took shelter on Tuesday.

Photo: Vyacheslav Ratynsky/Reuters

Belarus defends the joint forces

According to the authorities in Belarus, the joint Russian-Belarusian forces announced by the country yesterday, are a “defensive measure” in the border area with Ukraine.

– A spokesman for the Belarusian Ministry of Defense said, according to Reuters, that all activities in the border area are aimed at being able to respond to incidents near the border.

According to the spokesman, the troops will be inspected on Tuesday to ensure that they are “combat-ready”.

On Tuesday, President Alexander Lukashenko announced that he had ordered a joint force in the border region “to defend against the threats of Kyiv and their supporters in the West.” Lukashenko claims that Ukraine is “not only discussing, but planning attacks on Belarus”.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe condemns

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) condemns Monday’s Russian missile attacks as terrorism.

– These heinous military actions show a lack of respect and a breach of international law, including international humanitarian law. This was stated by the President of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Zbigniew Rau, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, and the Secretary-General of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Helga Maria Schmid of Germany.

The only explanation for these atrocities and vicious acts is to spread terror and compensate for the fact that they did not reach tactical and strategic goals, the report says.

Russia is among the 57 member states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Later this week, the UN General Assembly will vote on a resolution describing Russia’s annexation of the four Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia as a violation of the UN Charter.

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