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New owner of Efacec invests eight million in Mereces 718 in Barcelinhos - Imobiliário

New owner of Efacec invests eight million in Mereces 718 in Barcelinhos – Imobiliário

The DST Group, with a turnover of about 400 million, develops its activity in the fields of engineering, construction, environment, renewable energies, telecommunications, real estate and projects, and also operates internationally in the markets of France, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Monaco and Angola.

Now, DST Real Estate, a real estate company of the Braga Group, has announced the start of construction at Mereces 718, in Barcelinhos, in the Parish of Barcelos.

This is the first building of a new multi-purpose complex, promoted by the group, with an estimated investment of €8 million, ensuring that “more than 40% of the units” of the total 36 apartments and two shops under construction have already been completed. sold.

“The Mereces 718 project is located in an area of ​​about 22 hectares, on the left bank of Cavado, with the aim of promoting the creation of a new centralization in Barcelos,” confirms Miguel Moreira, General Manager of DST Real Estate.

“We will seek to integrate tradition and technology, allowing the neighborhood to be experienced in the 21st century,” concludes the same official.

Participating in the scenic landscape, the project designed by architect Nuno Kappa, integrates the concept of community by creating a new residential era, where basic equivalencies such as the shopping district, service building and ‘colouring’ can be quickly accessed, as well as access to other central areas such as Braga, Porto, Guimarães, Viana do Castelo or even Serra do Gerês”, highlights the company.

DST Real Estate adds that this new residential complex “will also contain over three hectares of street infrastructure, sidewalks, car parks and bike paths, allowing for a secure and accessible connection to the historic center of the city, 11 hectares of public green areas in use, and approximately 1.5 kilometers for general use equipment.

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It is noteworthy that the DST group, led by José Teixeira, recently signed the acquisition of Efacec.