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Pokémon TCL Live

New Pokémon TCG Live comes to iPhone, Mac and iPad – MacMagazine

Since finding their way onto mobile devices, Nintendo franchises have discovered a hitherto unexplored goldmine – and they’re, of course, trying to make the most of it. As evidence, the Pokemon Company announced yesterday new game for IphoneAnd IPAD and hardware Android – And that, as a reward, will also come Mac NS Computers: Pokemon TCG Live.

The title is kind of a remake of the traditional arcade game with adorable little creatures. You will sit on a “virtual board” with other players and you will be able to fight with your Pokemons, choose the strengths of each of them and put their characteristics to fight with the characteristics of other trainers.

Remember that there is already an online version of Pokémon TCG (short for trading card game, card trading game), but the game will be paused to make way for TCG Live – players will be able to move between the two titles without losing progress by transferring their characters, cards, achievements, and other items to the new game.

It will be Pokémon TCG Live free to play, i.e. free to play with included purchases to enhance your experience. In addition, the game will be completely cross-platform, so you will be able to play with people no matter what device they are using – and it will also be possible to transfer your progress to any device by simply entering their login information.

The new game doesn’t have a release date yet, but The Pokémon Company has promised to start a testing phase later this year, open globally to PC and Mac users; In the meantime, the smartphone release will only get a pre-release in Canada sometime in 2021. Let’s wait.

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via Nintendo Live