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Recently, authorities in the Canary Islands have reported several discoveries of the Aedes albopictus species, commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito. In January he wrote Canary newspaper Health authorities are monitoring the situation closely because mosquitoes can spread Zika (an infectious disease), yellow fever and other diseases.

Now the newspaper reports Canary Islands 7 New discoveries have been made about the “terrible mosquito.”

– Last week, we found adult specimens of mosquitoes in three traps located in the area near Calle Galilea in Las Palmas, Public Health Director Jose Díaz Flores told the newspaper.

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Diaz Flores adds that the number of mosquitoes has decreased since their discovery on November 28. They also reported that no new breeding sites have been found, but they suspect that the mosquitoes may have hidden in one of the approximately 90 homes that have not yet been searched.

-We have some problems reaching certain homes, mainly because they are not at home when we arrive, says the Director of Public Health.

Bot Bonanza: - Ridiculous

Bot Bonanza: – Ridiculous

according to Tenerife Weekly Health authorities have set up 1,200 traps in the Canary Islands to catch unwanted mosquitoes.

Measures are also being taken to eliminate mosquitoes so that they no longer have a foothold in the archipelago. The Ministry of Health wrote in a statement that these viruses do not exist in the Canary Islands, and therefore the chance of them being spread by mosquitoes is small in any case. Canary newspaper in December.

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In recent years, the aforementioned mosquitoes have also spread north.

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– When it gets warmer here in Norway, mosquitoes will likely also be able to survive here, Marie Steinert, director of FHI's pest control division, told DinSide.