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New satellite images show a destroyed warship - VG

New satellite images show a destroyed warship – VG

New photos emerged, Friday, of the Russian warship destroyed by Ukrainian forces near the city of Berdyansk on Thursday.


Russian warship Orsk It was shown on the Russian propaganda channel RT . The day before this way:

This is a unique sight: the Russian naval fleet is lying in a port left without a fight by Ukrainian troops, and the facilities are completely intact.

The next day, the port in Berdyansk was closed and the ship caught fire.

New satellite imagery from the port now shows smoke after the attack – and the sunken ship:

Occupied port city: This image from BBC Planet Labs shows smoke rising from the port in Berdyansk, after a Russian ship was attacked and sunk in Ukrainian attacks on Thursday.

According to RT, the ship was supposed to transport troops and heavy equipment, and reportedly had room for 20 tanks and 40 armored transport vehicles, along with hundreds of soldiers.

The British Ministry of Defense wrote in its intelligence report Thursday evening, that it is likely that Ukrainian forces will continue to attack logistical targets in the Russian-occupied areas of the country – as they did Thursday in Berdyansk.

“This will force the Russian military to prioritize the defense of supply lines, depriving them of much-needed new supplies for their forces,” the ministry wrote.

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This will weaken Russia’s ability to carry out offensive operations, and further damage the already weak morale, they continue.

Sources in the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) reported, on Friday, that the Russian forces no longer seem to fully control the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, according to Pentagon sources. It’s the New York Times reports on Friday.

Kherson was the first major city captured by Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. The city is a strategically important port city, northwest of Crimea.

Watch a video of the attack on the ship in Berdyansk:

Earlier this week, there were reports of one Ukrainian counterattack in several placesUkrainian forces claimed, among other things, that they had recaptured the city of Makarev, 65 kilometers west of Kyiv.

On Wednesday, British intelligence wrote in its daily update that Ukrainian forces may besiege Russian forces. They also wrote that it is possible that successful counterattacks could disrupt the Russians’ attempts to reorganize and continue the offensive.