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New sensor implanted in the mask can detect COVID-19 by breathing

New sensor implanted in the mask can detect COVID-19 by breathing

Using a mask is the most recommended way to protect yourself from COVID-19. Meanwhile, the disease detection test was of indescribable importance. But why not join these two proposals? With that in mind, researchers at MIT and Harvard University have developed a biosensor that can be integrated into tissues and detect pathogens.

This sensor is activated with buttons and gives results within 90 minutes, according to the researchers. The kit ensures that the accuracy is at the same level as the PCR test. To make the sensor, the scientists relied on a technique that involves extracting and drying the molecular machinery cells use to read and write genetic material. Pressing a button on the mask releases a small amount of water into the sensor that reactivates the freeze-dried ingredients so they can produce signals in response to the presence of the target molecule.

(Photo: Laura Dewilde/Unsplash)

But it is worth noting that biosensors can be used to detect bacteria, toxins and other chemical agents. In addition, a digital signal can then be sent to a mobile app, allowing the user to track exposure to a variety of substances.

The team says it is looking for partners who can help with mass production. The full study can be accessed at nature biotechnology.

Source: cnet

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