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New week, new boost and double dose

New week, new boost and double dose

Get ready this Monday: the fuel will rise again, and unlike the past two weeks, gasoline and diesel will be the most used petroleum products in the national market. According to an industry source contacted by Multinews, the country’s major oil companies will see a price increase: 3 cents for gasoline and 3.5 cents for diesel.

The upward trend will be “repeated” by private label stations, which usually operate next to supermarkets, which have reported a “sharp rise” – according to the contacted source, there will be “an increase of €0.0273 in petrol and €0.0296 in diesel”.

It remains to be seen what the Ministry of Finance will calculate with respect to the weekly mechanism that adjusts the value of an ISP.

The average price of a liter of simple 95 gasoline in Portugal is currently €2,029, while the price of a simple diesel is €1,759, according to data from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG). However, quotations at gas stations may differ, since the price set on the network also takes into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market and the level of fixed costs at each station.

Fuel prices were on an upward trajectory. According to DGEG data, the price of simple diesel has already increased 15 times and has fallen only five times since the beginning of the year. As for simple gasoline, it has increased 17 times and decreased only 4 times since January.

The latest European Commission fuel bulletin indicated that Portugal has the eighth most expensive gasoline 95 out of 27 EU countries, 12 cents above the European average and 5.4 cents more expensive than Spain. Diesel occupies eighteenth place in the European ranking.

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