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New York with a strict vaccination strategy

New York with a strict vaccination strategy

In New York City, workers at nearly 184,000 companies were required to prove they had received at least one dose of the coronary artery vaccine by Monday. Businesses that do not comply with the requirements can be fined starting at $1,000.

Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the request during a press conference on Monday.

New York’s mayor is pictured giving a press conference on the situation of the Omicron in early December 2021. Bill de Blasio says vaccination is necessary to avoid a new shutdown. Photo: AP

The best way to defend ourselves against the coronavirus is to vaccinate everyone. Corona is bad for humans, bad for our health, and bad for business.

Bill de Blasio is urging people to accept the vaccine to avoid further lockdown. He maintains, however, that imposing punishment would be a last resort.


According to the news agency APThere are now many business owners and workers who strongly disagree with the new measures. Attorney Luis Gilormino and many of his clients believe the actions violate workers’ rights.

Additionally, Gilormino asserts that New York City does not have the authority to require private sector workers to take the vaccine, despite the fact that such requirements have already been introduced for restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms and other indoor gathering places.

On January 1, Eric Adams will take over as the city’s new mayor. It remains unclear whether he will retain or change the mandate.

These are the rules

The new rules apply in private places where the work is carried out in the presence of another employee or other people from the public. This includes, among other things, store employees and taxi drivers.

Companies are not required to fire workers who do not comply with the requirements. On the other hand, the employer has to remove the person from the workplace.

Vaccine: A nurse brings a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Photo: Claudagh Kilcoen/Reuters

Vaccine: A nurse brings a dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Photo: Claudagh Kilcoen/Reuters

It is already required that people working as nurses, as well as government employees from the fire department, police and schools in New York must be vaccinated to start working.

At the same time, the US health authorities want to halve the quarantine period for those diagnosed with corona.

New Quarantine Advice

The quarantine period for coronary heart disease should be halved, according to the US Infectious Disease Control Agency (CDC). Close contact that has been administered a refreshing dose may release the sequestration.

On Monday, the CDC is proposing several changes to the rules for infected people, which US authorities will likely adopt soon.

It is suggested to cut the quarantine period for infected people from five to ten days, while people who have received a third vaccine bite should avoid all quarantine periods when they are in close contact with an infected person.

The CDC writes that people with symptoms should remain in quarantine.

It’s not about getting sick people back to work, Commissioner for Health Mary Bassett said at a press conference on Monday.

The infection control agency justifies these measures by the fact that figures now indicate that corona infection occurs mainly early in the course of the disease.

Government officials say the new quarantine rules could contribute to reducing staff shortages in critical jobs, while the virus can be better controlled.

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