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New Zealand, Corona – now the plan is cracking

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Until the emergence of Variable Delta a few months ago, New Zealand had had great success with its tactics of closing borders and cracking down on the coronavirus.

The country has seen few outbreaks, low infection rates, survived long periods of “lockdown”, and intervention restrictions, and has had only 27 deaths as a result of covid-19.

delta eruption

But in August, a delta variant appeared in New Zealand. The country has managed to reduce daily infection rates, but it has not succeeded in eliminating the virus.

The infection peaked on August 28 with 84 new infections. In September, they cut the number to less than 20 new infections per week, before now exceeding 20 again.

The capital, Auckland, where the outbreak has occurred, has been closed for the second month in a row, while the rest of the country has only moderate restrictions.

will make changes

This means that the country’s largest opposition party for the first time during the pandemic is raising questions about the Corona strategy.

This week, Judith Collins, the leader of the opposition and National Party, presented her plan for Corona. Because it believes that the delta variable breakout means that the current plan is not enough.

Disagree: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and opposition leader Judith Collins during a televised debate in September last year.  Photo: NTB

Disagree: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and opposition leader Judith Collins during a televised debate in September last year. Photo: NTB
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She believes more frequent testing, tracing and isolation is needed before they can find a good answer for the more contagious mutations.

– They fell asleep at the wheel. Things have changed, and this obviously doesn’t work . Collins said when she presented her own plan Watchman.

In the plan, the opposition party wants to suspend the lockdown once 70-75 percent of the population have been vaccinated, and travel without quarantine when 85 percent have been vaccinated.

According to Collins, her plan was drawn up by experts in the public sector.

Which means that New Zealanders who live outside the country can go home to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

according to Watchman Collins said she is disappointed that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has not set a specific target for a vaccine until they change the terms.

More reviews

David Seymour, leader of the liberal ACT party, also presented his own plan. He also strongly criticized the government’s strategy.

“I wouldn’t call it an extermination strategy, but rather an episodic eradication strategy,” he told the Guardian.

It is believed that there should have been a tighter and shorter lockdown than in the country.

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